Watch: Rusangano Family – Lights On


Following on from their hugely successful venture to SXSW in Austin, Texas in March, Limerick Hip-Hop trio Rusangano Family are set to drop their debut LP Let the Dead Bury the Dead this Friday April 8th.

To whet our appetites ahead of what is set to be one of the most exciting Irish releases of the year so far from an act whose live performances have been lauded for their energy and abandon the group have gifted us with a video for new track ‘Lights On’. Lyrically, the verses by God Knows and  MuRli deal with themes of ambition, influence and the solidification of definitive identity, ideas which were discussed in depth in their recent interview (among others) with Pitchfork on the subject of Irish Hip-Hop. The idea of casting away prejudice both from others and from within oneself in order to become empowered as an individual and, consequentially, as a musical unit is summed up by God Knows in the line “I just wanted to be Harlem, I just wanted to be London/ I just wanted to be Trench Town, now it’s time to be Shannon/ Now it’s time to be Limerick”.  All the while, the ever innovative and exhilarating production work from mynameisjOhn augments the group’s individuality, with samples dancing in and out of the mix among throbbing bass and energised drums.

The video itself is inspired by and idea put forward by fellow Limerick man and Rubberbandit, Blindboy Boatclub. Directed by Stephen Hall, the clip plays on similar ideas to the track itself with MuRli and God Knows shown to be at complete ease in their environment while those who somehow are still ill with prejudice are seen as deranged, confused and lost.

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