The Thin Air

Goat – I Sing in Silence


Swedish masked-psychedelic collective Goat last Friday dropped their latest 7″ on Sub Pop. I Sing In Silence, a concise release featuring two brilliantly experimental tracks, demonstrates just how far the eccentric group have grown since their formation back in 2012.

The offbeat group’s distinctive sound fuses together elements of afrobeat, rock and folk, incorporating tribal drums and chants to create an inventive fusion of world music. The visionary project embraces music and culture from all corners of the globe, bringing aspects of them all together to create an intoxicating, otherworldly sound.

The experimental group claim that the project stems from a long-running collective of townspeople from their hometown in northern Sweden, and that individuals have been playing under the Goat banner in many different incarnations for decades. However, their first official release landed in 2012 in the form of their debut album World Music.

I Sing In Silence, sees the masked musicians take a pared back approach to their usual psych-rock tendencies, creating a slightly altered sound by unplugging and using solely acoustic instruments. Their addictive groove remains very much alive with enthusiastic and unrestrained fun being at the forefront of the release. Paula Murphy