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Æ MAK – I Can Feel It In My Bones


On their debut EP I Can Feel It In My Bones Æ MAK have produced something that is inherently joyful to listen to. Childlike glee permeates the EP; not in the sense that it’s immature or undeveloped, but in the sense that it’s pure and unadulterated. This is complimented by the lyrical knowledge projected throughout, urging the listener not only to dance, but to be mindful, to observe oneself without making judgement. The duo chant “Run away/forget your place/let the other piece fall into place” in the title track, highlighting the amalgamation of those qualities.

The release follows from ‘I Can Feel It In My Bones’ being unveiled as a stand-alone track last year. The duo met in BIMM, a music college in Dublin, and their skill set becomes very apparent with each listen to the EP as the unique presentation of the songs adds to the already vibrant kaleidoscope of tone.

From the swathes of afro-beat and funk in ‘Celestial’ and ‘Sing Hey Love’ to the weaving harmonies and superb gradual layering of instrumentation in the title track, Æ MAK capture our attention with an energy that ebbs and flows constantly. There is an interplay between joviality and tenderness throughout the EP that seems to tell us that things will never be perfect, so make the most of what you have.

I Can Feel It In My Bones bleeds vibrancy and positivity. It is nothing short of a digital pick-me-up.  Mitchell Goudie