Premiere: Strength NIA – 1956 Olympics


Their first single as Strength NIA, ‘1956 Olympics’ by the Derry band formerly known as Strength is a song inspired by ‘Creggan Shops‘ by Australian band The Shifters. Rory Moore, frontman from Strength NIA, said, “None of the Shifters have ever been to Derry or Northern Ireland for that matter but I believe they have written one of the finest Northern Irish songs to date. Our song is a response to the ‘Creggan Shops’ as I’m originally from Creggan and I felt compelled to write it after hearing this cynical pop gem.”

Strength NIA will release their debut album next September.

With all proceeds going to the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation in Australia, have an exclusive first listen to ‘1956 Olympics’ below.

Photo by Aphra Lee Hill

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