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Lunch Machine – Alt Facts


Letterkenny garage indie rock trio Lunch Machine have just released their debut EP, the five track Alt Facts, produced by Fugue State & Tuath.

The band is led by Jude Barriscale, whose laconic delivery recalls earlier (and best) Courtney Barnett, Barriscale’s knack for injecting personal, universal truths with a detached sincerity elevates what could be slack meanderings into idiosyncratically-woven pieces, that veer from frustration at rural isolation, political outrage and, in the evocatively smoky, poignant-in-the-AM closer ‘Obi Wan for the Road’, love and loss.

Take, for example, the 7> minute highlight ‘Yellow Door’, which is, in her own words “about me being humbled by my past mistakes and about how the most insignificant thing like a yellow door can trigger a cacophony of emotions: remorse and shame mixed with joy and humour. It’s that feeling you get when you really miss someone who’s not in your life anymore.We live in a small-ish town, so that makes moving on from people you don’t want in your life damn near impossible sometimes.”

Stream it below:

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