Isobel Anderson and Alliance for Choice Launch #IMALIFE Fundraiser

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Belfast-based musician Isobel Anderson has teamed up with Northern Irish abortion rights organisation Alliance for Choice for an important fundraiser, #imalife

Centering around one woman’s account of her journey to England to have an abortion, her song ‘_4284_ / I’m A Life’ – titled after the number of women who travelled from NI and ROI to access abortions in 2015 – doubles up as a powerful and incredibly well presented accompaniment to the appeal.

“This money is vital to enable us to deliver workshops across Northern Ireland and GB,’ Alliance for Choice said. “Those we have done so far have made a tangible difference to abortion stigma and understanding of the status quo in NI, now more than ever we need to grow our allies. It will also contribute to the costs of filming, editing and sharing the ‘I’m A Life’ video. This means way more people than before will get to hear this poignant story and see this moving film featuring some of our amazing supporters.”

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Speaking about the video, Anderson said, “I had wanted to write about the abuse of reproductive rights in Northern Ireland since I had moved to Belfast in 2009, but I found it difficult to know exactly how without misrepresenting people’s lived experience of the issue. Then, more and more people started sharing their stories online, and when I read Janet’s incredibly moving account, the song came together.”

Donations to the appeal help pay facilitators to take a session, someone to attend an NI workshop and will help Alliance for Choice can travel to the mainland to garner further support.

Go here to donate to the fundraiser and watch the video below.

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