Sound of Belfast 2019 Launched

The programme for this year’s Sound of Belfast has been launched.

Taking across November 1-10 in various Belfast venues, the ten-day celebration of local music was established by Belfast’s Oh Yeah Music Centre to promote and celebrate the musicians, bands, venues, promoters and music communities of Belfast.

This year’s programme is its most extensive to date, with over 70 performances set for 18 participating venues. As well as live music from atists including Jordan Adetunji, Kitt Philippa, The Darkling Air, Wynona Bleach (pictured) and more, there will also be various workshops and conferences from the likes of PPL, Musicians Union and DITTO X, which will feature speakers from Deezer UK.

Charlotte Dryden of the Oh Yeah Music Centre said, “Belfast is an exciting place for music and it is currently the most diverse its ever been. This programme really demonstrates what this city has to offer and we are grateful to our partners, collaborators and funders for the support in being able to promote the best and on-going efforts of our music community.”

You can check out the full programme here.

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