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The Thin Air Podcast: Girl Band


This week on the Thin Air podcast, Danny Carroll meets one of Ireland’s most beloved group’s Girl Band, to talk about their recent single Shoulderblades.  The first song the band released in four years, Shoulderblades served as an intense, exhilarating teaser for second album ‘The Talkies’.

Girl Band’s singer/lyricist Dara Kiely and bassist/producer Daniel Fox speak about how the song developed and reflect on its varied influences – be they 19th-century freaks, low-cost imported lager, or Leonard Cohen’s howling anguish.


1. Girl Band – Shoulderblades
2. Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (Happa Remix)
3. The Beatles – Baby You’re A Rich Man
4. Leonard Cohen – Memories
5. Leonard Cohen – Don’t Go Home With Your Hard On