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The Thin Air Podcast: Lankum and Yoni Wolf (Why?)

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Having kicked off with music and chat from Frankie Cosmos and Paddy Hanna, The Thin Air podcast continues with another brace of brilliant interviews. Danny Carroll meets Dublin folk miscreants Lankum to discuss their mournfully epic song ‘The Granite Gaze’.  Along with producer Spud, the group talk through the lyrical origins of the song, listen back to an early demo, and highlight individual elements of the track’s swelling arrangement.

Jaclyn Alexandra CappelloYoni Wolf

Our other installment features Yoni Wolf, singer and songwriter with the Cincinnati group Why? Ahead of returning to Ireland, to play the Button Factory (September 17th) and Roisin Dubh (September 19th), Wolf chats about his early attempts at rapping, articulating anxiety and his recent attempts to convey positivity in song.

Both interviews are available on iTunes here, and Mixcloud below.