Moving on Music Launches Middle Aisle Music Agency and Development Project


One of the country’s most reliable promoters, Belfast’s Moving On Music have today launched a new music agency and development project.

Working with a selection of folk, jazz, classic, trad and ‘other’ music from these shores, the aim of Middle Aisle is to “support and develop a selection of artists, introduce more ears to incredible music, and help musicians move forward in their careers.”

Already, the initiative has added Arborist, Bairie, Blue Whale, Cahal Masterson, Gráinne Meyer, Jack Joseph James, Jack Warnock, Junk Drawer, Laytha, Réalta with Myles McCormack, Robocobra Quartet, Ruth McGinley, Scott Flanigan Trio, and TRÚ to its roster.

Fair payment, better representation and admin/booking support are all top priority for Middle Aisle. The service will offer a roster of artists to potential bookers for live performances (when permitted), and more commonly these days, live-steams and pre-records. Having already developed a network of regional touring partners over the years Moving on Music hopes to grow this further tapping into festivals, showcases, one-off events and more.

Mick Bonner of Moving on Music said, “Moving on Music has always endeavoured to support and develop musicians by wearing a few different hats, mainly through promotion, arranging small tours, developmental work, commissioning etc etc. Middle Aisle is more of a deliberate attempt to take on an agency role. We see so many great artists have short-lived careers because there just isn’t the support. The hope is Middle Aisle will help musicians perform regularly, earn an income, develop their stagecraft and ultimately garner the attention of “proper” agencies, management, and labels to further their careers.”

Go here to find out more about the project.

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