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Maija Sofia – True Love

Galway singer-songwriter Maija Sofia’s debut, 2019’s Bath Time, was a rare gem, arriving in a haze of stirring narratives and intimate musicality. Four years later, she swings the lens away from history’s wronged women, towards herself. Here, she is not a compassionate historian – she is a protagonist filled with pain, anger, love and passion.

Early single ‘Four Winters’ is an avant-garde pop ballad that marries figurative imagery with plainspoken references to sexual violence and direct imploring. This mode switching builds intimacy and depth. Sofia’s self-expression is complex and volatile, much like life is for a 20-something-year-old woman – her period of focus for the whole album.

Elsewhere, Sofia sharpens her writing into a grander offering. ‘Telling The Bees’ is an infectious piano-driven number, elevated by swooning vocals and shuffling instrumentation. ‘Lake Song’ introduces electronic touches and closer ‘Love Is In The House’ is ready-made for impassioned foot-stamping and live emotional exorcisms. True Love is a sure step forward for Sofia and another heartening collection from an artist who’s yet to put a foot wrong. Kelly Doherty