• Stream: Naoise Roo – For You

    Alternative singer-songwriter Naoise Roo unveiled yesterday – International Women’s Day – ‘For You’, the darkly atmospheric new single to be taken from her upcoming debut album, Lilith. Having debuted only last summer with powerful alt. rock free-download single, ‘Oh Son‘, Roo’s fire has lit up the local scene impressively quickly, with Lilith set for release on April 27 through Irish alternative & experimental label Little L Records. With only the layered-yet-stripped sound of ‘For You’ to go by, the album’s genre-spanning promises of ambient electronica, indie rock and burlesque could well show Lilith to be one of the great Irish breakthrough albums of 2015. Certainly this early on, her output is…

  • White Male Actors – Ghosts EP

    Strabane alternative/indie-pop trio White Male Actors release their long-awaited debut EP, Ghosts, through Broken Melody Records on October 20. The band started well when they sent their single ’31 Years’ to the R.E.M. offices in April of 2013 in tribute to their breakup, catching the attention of erstwhile drummer Bill Berry, and now they release their anthemic brand of guitar-led indie-pop to the world, launching it with a Hidden Machine show at Voodoo on October 30. The EP was recorded and mixed in Staffordshire’s Burntwood Studios, as well as in Derry’s Blast Furnace and the one track released so far, ‘Mysteries and…

  • His New Atlas – Torn Out Lungs EP

    The brainchild of young singer-songwriter Eoghan O’Hagan, aka His New Atlas, releases his new EP, Torn Out Lungs on September 5. The EP – his third since His New Atlas’ early 2013 inception – will be launched with a full band show at the Platform 1 Bar in Armagh on September 12, with further details yet to be announced. He has so far released the video for single ‘His Young’ – although a second single, ‘Pillars’ will be released along with a video in the not-too-distant future – which you can check out below:

  • Stream: Weezer – Back To The Shack

    Having debuted the song on their cruise earlier in the year, Weezer have just made available the nostalgic ‘Back To The Shack’ to stream. It will be the lead single on their forthcoming tenth album – recorded with Ric Ocasek, who produced their first two, and most highly-regarded LPs – Everything Will Be Alright In The End, out on September 30.

  • Top Ten Alternative Summer Songs

    The world is melting! The seas will boil, and the sky will become as one great fireball! We’re doomed! Well, that’s what they tell us anyway, but we know better. So allow us to take you by the hand, offer you a delicious ice cold lolly, and give you ten incredible summer songs that are never, ever going to trouble the likes of NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL SUMMER, VOL 2,856. And are all the better for it. 10. The Cure – ‘If Only Tonight We Could Sleep’   Hazy, sweaty, uncomfortable … but enough about Robert Smith’s underpants, this…