• Irish Tracks of the Week – July 23rd

    It’s been another big week for new Irish music, with tracks coming from all over the country from emerging artists and established favourites. Dig into new releases from Wynona Bleach, Alan Finan, Leveland, Rachel Mae Hannion, Sprints, Lorraine Nash, Somebody’s Child and more. Alan Finan – The Dwelling EP The Dwelling EP by August XII Records Wynona Bleach – Drag Leveland – River Dunx – I Land At Sea Rhoshi – KRU.SSH Rachel Mae Hannion – Closer Cheesmore – Suffocating Lorraine Nash – Wolves Sprints – How Does The Story Go? Modernlove – Come Over x Somebody’s Child – Crazy

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – March 26th

    Beating out the rest of 2021 so far in terms of both quality and quantity, check out the very best Irish tracks of the week, featuring Lighght, Soda Blonde, Poor Petal, SORBET, HAVVK, Æ MAK, Lilac, Ghostking Is Dead, For Those I Love, Gender Chores, Cussen, CMAT, This Ship Argo, Saint Sister, Dunx, Travi The Native and K3:LU. Ghostking Is Dead – I Don’t Need Help I Don’t Need Help by Ghostking Is Dead Æ MAK – New Friend Lighght – there are parts of my soul i don’t dare speak Holy Endings by Lighght Gnarkats – All The Time…