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Irish Tracks of the Week – March 26th


Beating out the rest of 2021 so far in terms of both quality and quantity, check out the very best Irish tracks of the week, featuring Lighght, Soda Blonde, Poor Petal, SORBET, HAVVK, Æ MAK, Lilac, Ghostking Is Dead, For Those I Love, Gender Chores, Cussen, CMAT, This Ship Argo, Saint Sister, Dunx, Travi The Native and K3:LU.

Ghostking Is Dead – I Don’t Need Help

Æ MAK – New Friend

Lighght – there are parts of my soul i don’t dare speak

Gnarkats – All The Time (Arvo Party Remix)

This Ship Argo – Dissolve

Saint Sister – Karaoke Song

Soda Blonde – Small Talk

CMAT – I Don’t Really Care For You

Lilac – Remember, No Regrets

Gender Chores – Night In The Woods

Dunx – One of Us

Cussen – Reignite

HAVVK – No Patience

For Those I Love – The Myth / I Don’t

Poor Petal – zzz

Travi The Native – Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Kʒːlu – Kush On Anon

SORBET – I Heard His Scythe (feat. Maija Sofia)