• Premiere: Hot Cops – Scared of Everything

    It’s no coincidence that we’ve hosted Belfast indie rock trio Hot Cops in four different TTA shows over the last couple of years, most recently at a packed-out show at Belfast’s Lavery’s on Tuesday night for the launch of their stellar new single ‘Passive Passive‘. The b-side to that, ‘Scared of Everything’ is an equally emphatic effort from the fast-rising threesome, forging pounding, fuzzed-out chords and frontman Carl Eccles’ admissions of apprehension (“I’m afraid to go outside/I don’t want to see your skin/I’m afraid to let you in”). Conjuring the likes of Pinkerton-era Weezer and Cloud Nothings’ more tuneful throwdowns, it gives everyday quasi-agoraphobic dread yet another…

  • The Thin Air Tuesday Throwdown: Hot Cops w/ Katharine Philippa @ Lavery’s, Belfast

    Almost certain to be their breakthrough year, Belfast indie rock slackers Hot Cops return to play our Tuesday Thowdown at Lavery’s Belfast for the launch of their stellar new single ‘Passive Passive‘ on Tuesday, February 9. Support comes from Belfast-based pianist/singer-songwriter Katharine Philippa, easily one of the most thrilling live prospects in the country right now. Check out her Soundcloud. Admission is free. Doors are at 9.30pm. The Thin Air DJs before and after.

  • Stream: Hot Cops – Passive Passive

    Tipping the proverbial hat to a profusion of well-established indie-rock hallmarks whilst successfully maintaining a unique sonic identity is no mean feat in 2016. Belfast trio Hot Cops‘ are one such act who fall under that slimmest of brackets – something their diffident, zig-zagging new single ‘Passive Passive’ nicely attests to. Stream it via Soundcloud below. ‘Passive Passive’ and it’s b-side ‘Scared of Everything’ will be released on teal vinyl via Paper Trail Records (limited to 100 copies) on February 8.

  • Spectrum Festival 2015

    Spectrum Festival kicked off in Mandela Hall over the weekend with live performances from R51, Hot Cops, Echo Raptors, Joshua Burnside, New Ancestors, Loris, In An Instant and The Emerald Armada. Photos by Sara Marsden.

  • Stream: Hot Cops – Decay/Six

    We’re going on the record here: Belfast trio Hot Cops are one of the best up-and-coming bands in the country at the minute, and easily the most satisfyingly spot on indie rock power-triptychs Ireland has probably ever produced. “Aye, right!” cries out an ill-informed, anonymous voice in the proverbial crowd. And we refute that refutation with the following link to the Carl Eccles-fronted trio’s blisteringly brilliant new double single, ‘Decay/Six’. Familiar in all the right places, with a carefully-considered lack of affectation (paradoxes are “in”, man), both tracks are outright highlights from the band’s ever-impressive live show – one that you shouldn’t pass…