• Lost Avenue – Best Friends

    Derry based punk trio Lost Avenue recently unveiled their new EP Best Friends, the latest in a series of small releases that punch well above everything they’ve done before. Something about the release threatens to get lost within itself, however, thrashing violently towards an uncertain conclusion. When listening to Best Friends, it’s hard not to get the impression that the band are aiming for something that is certainly achievable, but they’ve overcooked it, using sharp conversions and sudden alterations to an unnecessarily degree. This is likely due to some combination of self-doubt and the need to appear unique in an industry where…

  • Smalltown America All-Dayer: Lost Avenue & Freak’s

    In the second installment of our multi-part feature, we’re pleased to present two new live videos featuring Derry punk band Lost Avenue and Freak’s at Derry label Smalltown America’s sixth All-Dayer. Having featured headliners Scottish trio Carnivores in the first installment, the new videos capture two of the country’s most promising young bands performing two of their very best tracks, ‘Daggers’ and ‘Symmetry and Correlation’ respectively. Buy the STA All Dayer #6 here and check out both videos – shot and edited by Paul Martin Brown – below.