• Watch: M Sord – Talk It Over With Your Manager

    Michigan based one man act M.Sord (introduced to these shores by none other than Bobby Ahearne from No Monster Club) has just released a video for his almost-instrumental ‘Talk About It With Your Manager’ from the album Rick McMann. Watch an incredibly boring day for employees at ‘Clownmeat Inc.’ where they create the mystery luncheon delicacy (or Billy Roll to most) and how they hilariously incorporate the recent water charges protest to full effect. The video was recorded and produced in Dublin by Caoimhe Lavelle and Daniel Martin.

  • Track Record: Bobby Aherne

    Bobby Aherne is one very busy lad who can be found bouncing between various bands such as No Monster Club, Ginnels and Women’s Christmas to penning a hilarious book about Dublin legends. We caught up with him and his Kalamazoo synth-pop house guest,  M.Sord for a fun flip through his record collection. Photos by Isabel Thomas. Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam I got more and more into Animal Collective as I grudgingly made my way through university – with a particular fondness for the one in which the only lyric is the drawn-out line “You don’t have to go to college”. During the (very welcome)…