• Watch: Nyt Bloomer – Old Toys

    A new video for the track ‘Old Toys’ has been unveiled by the Donegal-born producer Conor McNamee, aka Nyt Bloomer. The video appropriately sees an assortment of nostalgia-inducing 80s and 90s children’s toys animated into life, backed by Nyt Bloomer’s sample-heavy instrumental. Ninja Turtles meet Action Man, and there’s even a Street Shark involved. And can you spot the brief homage to And So I Watch You From Afar? The promising young producer releases his debut Old Toys tape in Belfast’s Menagerie, on Friday July 4, alongside Welfare and Colpey. Watch the video for ‘Old Toys’ below.  

  • Inbound/exclusive stream: Nyt Bloomer

    Hailing from Donegal, Conor McNamee AKA Nyt Bloomer is one of the more interesting voices in Ireland’s thriving electronic music scene. I met with him at his April 24 show at the Menagerie with Shammen Delly and Colpey to speak about the inception of Nyt Bloomer, his record label You Can’t Break It Records, and his infatuation with sampling. Ahead of the vinyl release, Old Toys is available for streaming exclusively on The Thin Air, and the cassette can be bought in Belfast’s Sick Records. Hi Conor. Lets start with a little background – where did Nyt Bloomer come from? I…