• Monday Mixtape: Rian Trench

    In the latest installment of Monday Mixtape, Dublin-based musician and producer Rian Trench reveals some of his favourite tracks. These are songs which, in his words, reflects his tendency to listen to music either on the aggressive or the subdued side of the fence. Photo by SCAN Current Value – Running German D&B legend. The first track from his 2008 EP – “Revealing the Concealed”. All four tracks on this play out like variations on the same idea, but this is somehow the most distilled. “Fear” is a close second. Scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. Brutal genius. Kyle…

  • Stream: Come On Live Long – Sum Of Its Parts (Rian Trench Remix)

    Whether you look to his work as one-half of Solar Bears, his solo project Trenchurian, making up one quarter of Leo Drezden, or co-heading recording and production duo The Deaf Brothers with Robert Watson aka SCAN, Rian Trench is constantly finding new ways to demonstrate his remarkable versatility. Currently making his way through Mexico, the Wicklow producer and musician has recently released a suitably blissed-out re-imagining of ‘Sum of its Parts’ by Come On Live Long. Marrying flourishes of shapeshifting synth and a host of reposed beats, it’s a sublime effort that forges completely new from the original.