• Record Store Day 2016

    In the early years of Record Store Day, depending on where you lived in Ireland your choice of independent record shops to visit may have been limited or even nonexistent. But despite the growth of downloads and streaming in the eight years since the day started, while some old shops have died away, many more have sprung up in their place, and many of those who had nowhere to go in 2008 are now spoiled for choice. As the number of limited edition releases grow and major labels further muscle in on the event it’s easy to grow cynical and…

  • Record Store Day, Belfast

    We spent Record Store Day at Sick Records and then made our way down to our own show in association with Head Records at The Bar With No Name featuring Skymas, Freedom 35s, Hot Cops and Documenta/Belfast Music Club DJs. Photos by Ryan Richards and Colm Laverty.

  • Sick Records’ First Birthday

    Having featured in the first issue of our physical magazine, Belfast’s finest independent dispenser of wax,Sick Records celebrate their grand first birthday from 2pm on Saturday, March 7. Having steadily established itself as the city’s most comprehensively tasteful record store, psych-inflected rockers Thee Penny Dreadfuls, acoustic doom master Robyn G Shiels, new-fangled Derry duo Fabric and Bloomer White will all perform on the day, with DJ sets coming from Chris Hanna (Oneknown) and Jamie Nelson. Check out a video interview with Sick Records’ owner Kenny Murdock by The Thread below.

  • In Photos: Record Store Day 2014

    Almost certainly the busiest Record Store Day to date, Saturday past (April 19) saw queues of varying lengths form at the crack dawn outside record stores across the world, thus kickstarting a whole day of celebrating independent music, one-off releases and – perhaps most importantly – record stores themselves. Whilst Paul Weller has since said he won’t be participating again due to seeing his RSD release selling for extortionate prices online, other musicians such as Jack White got right on board, recording, cutting and selling a seven-inch single, ‘Lazaretto’, in just under four hours – something he claims is a world…