• Watch: Mojo Fury – Origami Bird

    Ahead of setting off on a UK tour tomorrow, Mojo Fury have unveiled the excellent video to their new single, ‘Origami Bird’. Comprise of various visual delights including hand-drawn illustrations and silhouettes similar to those used in the band’s video for ‘The Difference Between’, the video’s visual art concept was devised by Helena Hamilton. Check out our 5 out of 5 review of the band’s new album, The Difference Between, here. Watch the video for ‘Origami Bird’ below.

  • Stream: Mojo Fury – The Difference Between

    Having successfully completed a pledge campaign to secure its forthcoming release, Mojo Fury are streaming their eagerly-anticipated second album, The Difference Between. The follow-up to their groundbreaking debut album Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus, the twelve-track release is the sound of a band that have fully-realised their sound and potential, veering brilliantly between the superb ‘Origami Bird’, the understated wonder of ‘Iris Influential’ and the ultra-anthemic ‘Medusa’. Ahead of our review of the album, stream it over at ClashMusic.

  • Mojo Fury – The Difference Between

    Having successfully completed a pledge campaign to ensure its release, the ever singular Mojo Fury unveil the sprawling mastery of The Difference Between having reignited the fire in the hearts of their fanbase. Considering the almost necessary participation of the latter, not to mention the band’s own open-handed generosity in return, there is a very real sense of both camps being in it together. That said, with the grandiose silhouette of their groundbreaking 2011 debut album Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus looming large in the background, the question remains: will the Mike Mormecha-fronted band falter in the wake of huge expectation or…

  • Watch: Mojo Fury – The Difference Between

    With their highly-anticipated second album on the horizon, Belfast/Lisburn three-piece Mojo Fury have unveiled the Tommy Keery-directed video to their new single, ‘The Difference Between’. The Michael Mormecha-fronted band have also announced that they have started a pledge campaign to assist the release of the aforementioned album, also named The Difference Between. Go here to learn move. Watch the video to ‘The Difference Between’ below.