• Interview: Tera Melos

    There are few bands who can write a song that is equally melodic, complex, and crushingly heavy in quite the way that Tera Melos do. Even in their earlier, scuzzier part of their career – when the three-piece’s songs really just sounded like a patchwork of fairly disparate ideas and virtuoso instrumentalism – their first, self-titled release was a group of nine songs, ‘Melody 1’ to ‘Melody 8’. The band have always shirked the “math-rock” genre that is often applied to them, and as their sound has developed it becomes easier to see why. Their sound has followed a very…

  • Watch: Tera Melos – ‘Weird Circles’

    Sacramento math rock trio Tera Melos have unveiled the Behn Fannin-directed video for their song, ‘Weird Circles’. The opening track from the band’s superb fourth album X’ed Out – released via Sargent House in April – the song is a typically bananas slice of experimental pop wonderment, something the video manages to reflect – via luminous cereal milk, robotic squirrels and dancing hotdogs – extremely well. Watch the video below. Alternatively/also stream X’ed Out via Bandcamp here.