Watch: The Thin Air Launch Party video

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Were you at our launch party last month? You know, when Mojo Fury performed their debut album in full and the Blue Whale, Vanilla Gloom and PigsAsPeople provided totally kickass support, ensuring a totally unforgettable night and a truly excellent way to kickstart The Thin Air?

200 hundred people turned up on the night. It was loud, it was sweaty – it was captured by the upstanding gentleman (and indeed scholar) that is Joe Laverty. Thanks to Joe’s superb filming on the night (something he did out of the goodness of his own heart, we might add) and the killer editing skills of his friend and fellow Seven Summits bandmate Dominic Coyle, we offer up for your eyes and ears, the brief albeit brilliant Thin Air Launch Party video.

Until next time, enjoy…

The Thin Air Launch Party from The Thin Air on Vimeo.

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