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Everything Sucks #005.5: Local Music Rant


If you’ve read the original column that was here and were offended in any way by my statements, I apologise. Opinion has been pretty much down split evenly from what little I’ve seen of it, some in agreement, some not so much. I hope to address this now.

To those who have differed with it, I say this. To patronise or look down on anyone was not the intention. Far from it, in fact. The tone of the rant was fairly crass, but that was the point. My regular column here is an angry rant. As such, a certain humour or crassness is part of my job description. That much, all the bro humour, was a put-on. I apologise if the sentiment behind it helped break the “fourth wall” or rankled with some.

As someone who loves music very much, has done so from a young age, and has done everything possible to support Irish music, by writing about music, putting on and promoting gigs, going to gigs, buying merch and and supporting my local record shop, it’s hard not to be biased when discussing the problems at hand. It means more to me than precious few other things. To be mean or embittered was not the intention, though, at least not seriously.

But we can’t ignore the realities, either. Bands need your support to get out of the figurative trap. Venues need those people to turn out to make their continued patronage of bands through guarantees, and promoters’ ability to do the same. Small communities need everyone, on every level, be they fan, band or promoter/venue onboard and doing well. You, the same “you” I inadvertently insulted in the column here, have a place in any music scene you want, because it’s there for you. And I apologise for insinuating otherwise.

“YOU ARE NECESSARY. YOU ARE WANTED.” I meant that honestly.

“This is your space to come in and enjoy passion, volume, energy, inspiration and catharsis. Your local scene is your canvas, your stage, your place to play and hone the filter on you and your friends’ perception of the world.” Self-explanatory.

Your support is appreciated, wanted and necessary for the continued viability and success of bands, labels and promoters. Please continue to do so and if you haven’t, or enjoy music but can’t quite figure out how to find new stuff, please consider supporting your local bands in their live exploits, bring your friends, and have a good time. Buy the records. Help a band get petrol in the tank to go to the next town or fund their touring.

One Facebook commenter stated I was “throwing my toys out of the pram”. I suppose I was. And I’m sorry. Mike McGrath-Bryan

Contributor, distributor & occasional Cork correspondent for The Thin Air, as well as, Cork's Evening Echo and others. Likes some things, dislikes other things. Tweets, Instagrams and Snapchats at @mike_mcgb.