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The Last Generation – Torann EP


The first thing that pops into your writer’s head when hearing Torann’s opening gambit, ‘Chromosome’, is how properly likeable it all is.

Sabbath-esque riffing married to a short and sharp alternative package that, while obviously verging on nostalgia for some, such is its proximity in places to the nineties alt-rock influences it proudly wears on its sleeve, its rawness and sheer drive and verve lift it above the usual yarling and wordplay. Post-hardcore and math influences subtly make themselves known, and go surprisingly well with the double-bass assault that peppers the song’s undercarriage, before the whole thing goes into a more aggressive sludge to finish up.

There’s more than enough influences and references at play, with ‘Battle Royale’ taking in chunky radio-rock riffs and harmonies with considerable aplomb, while ‘Distort Reality’ plunges nicely into stoner-rock territory, replete with machismo Kyuss yowling, while ‘Gutteral’ is armed with a cast-iron riff that can’t be argued with.

A great EP for riffheads, with promising signs of things to come for The Last Generation hidden among all the distortion. Mike McGrath-Bryan

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