Stream: My Tribe Your Tribe – Vol. II EP


Dublin-based singer-songwriter and producer George Mercer AKA My Tribe Your Tribe is streaming his second solo EP, the aptly-titled Vol. II.

Formerly of Boy Lights Fire, Mercer released Vol. 1 back in April. Vol. II is mainly comprised of material written since the musician moved to Dublin from Laois in June. Speaking of the release Mercer said “My direction felt like it was changing. A lot of the previous influences and styles of music I has been listening to over the past couple of years were surfacing in my writing.”

“I wanted to bring the immediacy of folk and popular music into play, like the narrative/storylike lyrical style of ‘Portrait of Failure’,” Mercer continued. “I wanted to base the groove of the songs on hip-hop/soul rhythms, and combine this with animate synths/apreggiators. I stuck my handheld recorder out the window and recorded the local street noise, as I wanted to the songs to contain the atmospheric of this new place I was inhabiting. I had been holed up in the countryside for quite a while when writing the previous EP. But this EP was more of an urban affair, where the songs stories are all true stories of conversations, parties and happenings within a very small radius of my neighborhood.”

Stream Vol. II via Bandcamp below.

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