Video Exclusive: Abandcalledboy – Cliff Richard

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Having watched it at least five times revelling in its unmitigated majesty, we’re happy to give you an exclusive first look of the wonderfully retro and decidedly rad video for ‘Cliff Richard’ by Northern Irish alt-rock three-piece Abandcalledboy.

“We made it ourselves,” said the band’s drummer and vocalist, Ryan Burrowes. “We basically watched a load of Cliff Richard videos and attempted to re-create our own twisted version with a grand budget of £0.”

“We made the costumes ourselves, came up with loads of ideas and then with our friend Odhrain, went and shot it all on what felt like the coldest day ever. It’s bizarre, but so was Cliff.”


That he was – that he was.

The band’s forthcoming self-titled EP – recorded at Belfast’s Start Together Studio – is due to be released before the band’s UK tour in April.

Watch the video for ‘Cliff Richard’ – produced by Odhrain Soanes – below.

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