Video exclusive: C-BEAMS – Tannhauser


Ahead of its general release later in the week, we’re happy to present an exclusive first look at the new electronic audio/visual project by Belfast-based artists Paul Shevlin and Richard Butler AKA C-BEAMS.

Featuring music by Shevlin (also of alt-pop band Hologram) and film by Butler, the pair’s somnambulant debut offering, ‘Tannhauser’, is the first song to be taken from their debut four-track EP, Scars.

Speaking of the project, Shevlin (pictured above) said, “The project started when Richard and I started spitballing ideas to work on together. We both have similar tastes when it comes to music/film and the idea of working on a pet project was exciting.”

“The name of the project comes from a line in my favourite film, Blade Runner, and we used this film and a few other of our favourite movies/TV shows as jumping off points and inspirations for both the music and the short films. There will be four songs/films to start and the plan, which is coming together nicely, is that the videos will all be linked and then the final one will tie together the four previous in to one full narrative.”

Watch the video for ‘Tannhauser’ below.

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