Stream: Spoon – Do You


Everyone loves the good weather at this time of year, right? And who better to sing a song about the searing heat than the Austin, Texas band Spoon? On the second single from their upcoming album, They Want My Soul, they have perfectly captured that sense of summer euphoria.

The song, titled ‘Do You’, is the sound of the wind going through your hair as you drive the coastline with the top down – yes, its undeniably corny in a sense, but its just too lovely to pass up. The track is wonderfully textured, with shimmering keys and quirky backing vocals keeping the track interesting. Besides that, there is a sublime longing in vocalist Britt Daniel’s voice that adds a lacing of discontent to the track, channelling Billy Corgan in his prime as he sings “Do you, do you run when it’s just getting good?”

They Want My Soul is released on August 5th, and you can listen to the single ‘Do You’ below.