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Visual Arts Outlook (6/4)


This week saw the return of Late Night Art; contemporary art galleries in Belfast opening on the first Thursday of the month, from 6pm-9pm. Platform arts opened A Collaboration Monument, while the Golden Thread opened their project space with work by Robert Anderson.

Platform Arts, Belfast
April 3-29 2015
Örn Alexander Ámundason and Olof Nimar
A Collaboration Monument

Örn Alexander Ámundason and Olof Nimar explore the difficult sometimes authoritative nature of collaboration. The conjuncture of five different practitioners working on a single project makes for an interesting study of performance and sculpture. Artists Örn Alexander Ámundason and Olof Nimar worked with twins Karen and Claire Gibson to produce drawings which were then interpreted by local set designer Stephen Bamford. On the opening night, it was interesting to observe peoples reaction to the stage set in particular. Audiences participated in the work, standing on it, shouting from the back as though it was a stage, or twirling between the hanging sections. This was not perhaps the intention of the artists but it seemed as though the collaboration had drawn in the audience.

The resulting material from the combined artists is ceremoniously called A Collaboration Monument. The titled suggests a reference to something which no longer exists, that requires remembering. Could Ámundason and Nimar be suggesting that their collaboration was unsuccessful? The installation of A Collaboration Monument however is able to merge three different disciplines and activities into one very cohesive show.

Belfast Exposed
March 13-April 18
Michael Hanna
Short Films About Learning.

Michael Hanna’s exhibition continues at Belfast Exposed. The show works with their substantial photographic archive. Short Films About Learning includes excerpts from a recorded lecture by Paul Bloom, from Yale University. The installation of Hanna’s work encourages viewers to consider the different aspects of representation, installation and draws attention to the archive of photography in Belfast.

The Golden Thread Gallery

Main Gallery:
March 26-May 15

Margaret Harrison
We Are Them, They Are Us.  

Project Space:
April 2-April 24

Robert Anderson

Spoila by Robert Anderson opened on Thursday night for ‘late night art’. The word ‘Spoila’ refers to the reusing of antique architectural materials. This is Andersons first solo show in the Golden Threads project space.

We Are Them, They Are Us is Margaret Harrison’s first solo exhibition in Ireland. Having won the 2013 Northern Art Prize she is widely regarded as one of the most important artists of her generation. With works from across her substantial career The Golden Thread sees some of  Harrison’s most controversial subject matter explored in this key exhibition. Tackling subject matter such as the objectivation of women, gender inequality, land rights, and others, Harrison displays the faults in our society throughout the last 40 years.