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Visual Arts Outlook (05/05)


The Venice Biennale opens this week so the irish contingent has travelled to support Sean Lynch in his opening of Adventure Capital which will this year be housed at The Irish Pavillion in the Arsenale. Lynch’s work can be seen until the 22nd of November, so there is plenty of time to get to Venice and see it.

The MAC opens its second guest curated show this Thursday. Gregory McCartney presents I Will Go There, Take Me Home, the work of Adrian Ghenie, Pieter Hugo and Olaf Brzeski. The opening is from 7pm.

Finally, don’t forget that Late Night Art is this Thursday, when most galleries in Belfast will be open to 9pm.

The Golden Thread, Belfast
Between Two Worlds
Launches May 7

Between two worlds is an exhibition exploring the nature of activism. Paula Gerharty’s documentation of activism and protests throughout Ireland will be showcased at the Golden Thread. There has also been a series of workshops and events that can be approached in different ways. The opening on Thursday night is the product of these events and has grown from the participation of varied audiences.

University of Ulster – Art College, Belfast
Orpheus Memorial Exhibition
Thursday May 7

The Arts and Culture Society will be launching a night of art and music at the condemned Orpheus Building due to be demolished in September. Guests are invited to contribute their memories and photographs of the building to be shown on the night.
For further details email

Catalyst Arts, Belfast
Drydan Wilson, eegb and BYOB night.
Launch May 7 – Drydan Wilson
eegb 21 – 23 May
BYOB 28 May

Over the course of May several events will take place at Catalyst to shine light on the exciting developments in different areas of art in Belfast this spring. Drydan Wilson’s work (pictured) is expansive and growing and he will be taking on the entire gallery space of Catalyst. The sheer scale of his work swells to fit any space that the work is inhabiting and we are very pleased to be able to give his work the opportunity to materialise in Catalyst. eegb (Edmund Eva & George Baldwin) is a research group focussed around drawing who design and construct various machines that simulate various behavioural phenomena. Wilson’s work coupled with eegb provide a delicate nuance of ideas. There is a clear line of stylised rhythm between the three artists.

At different stages of their careers, the group provides an interesting dialogue between sculpture, drawing and digital media. Generate will culminate in Belfast’s first BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) night, during which participants are invited to bring a projector and show their work wherever they can find a space on the walls of Catalyst Arts. The idea brings the online seclusion of many video artists right out of the internet and into the gallery space. If you would like to be involved in Catalyst’s BYOB, contact Mary Stevens