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Rave New World (26/6)


Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty deliver the lowdown on all the very best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


Celtronic present Derrick May, Clark, Francesco Tristiano, Objekt and The Cyclist at St. Columb’s Hall, Derry
Saturday, June 27

Probably the most ridiculous lineup Celtronic, or Derry, has ever witnessed is tomorrow. Derrick May is the closest thing to a deity in techno. Warp’s Clarke has been smashing it for ages and is currently releasing his best material for years. Francesco Tristiano is a classically trained pianist who plays house and techno whose repertoire includes as absolutely stunning version of May’s classic ‘Strings of Life’. Objekt is one of the most gifted and downright fun DJs I’ve ever witnessed and I probably don’t need to spend any more time going on about how much I love The Cyclist on here. Unmissable.  AL

Belfast Music Club Present: Tiago at Lavery’s, Belfast
Sunday, June 28

Some lovely free Sunday evening vibes at Lavery’s on Sunday courtesy of Tiago, all the way from Lisbon. Tiago is a resident DJ as Lux, probably the single most important club in Lisbon and he’s a dab-hand blending sounds and disregarding genre boundaries in his sets. Definitely the kind of thing you want to get down to if you’ve been having a hectic weekend but don’t want it all to end just yet. AL

MUD: Bedlam & Welcome present Mumdance + Novelist at The Twisted Pepper
Friday, June 26

Tonight there’s only one gig worth mentioning – Mumdance and Novelist (pictured) at The Twisted Pepper. Mumdance hasn’t played in Dublin since 2009 – crazy, I know – and since then his career has waxed, waned and waxed again. Right now he’s simply killing it, between his essential monthly Rinse show, projects with Logos (from Proto to The Sprawl, with Shapednoise) and his collaborations with young MC Novelist, who joins him tonight. Expect bangers, weightless vibes, fresh dubs for club use only and lord knows what else. Peep this recent Sónar set maybe. If this isn’t your thing, there’s always Erick Morillo… AH

Out To Lunch presents DJ Sotofett at Bar Tengu
Saturday, June 27

Saturday presents a range of options, from the classic sounds of pioneers DJ Pierre and Phuture to the elegant modern house of Kate Simko. We’re going with the dank sludge of DJ Sotofett, however, who plays all night at the latest Out To Lunch venture in Tengu Yamamori, who makes his debut Dublin appearance tomorrow. AH


Haf Haf – Kuro No Meiro [Danse Noire]

Haf Haf is from Milan and… that’s pretty much all I know about them. However, I do know that Danse Noire is a really great label and Haf Haf’s warped techno cuts feel right at home here. There’s a lovely twisted vocal sample in there and a pretty hectic switch up halfway through. All in all it leaves me satisfied there are still people out there doing harder techno with some originality. AL

Elysia Crampton – Petrichrist [Blueberry Recordings]

Previously known as E+E, Elysia Crampton brings her undefinable sound to FaltyDL’s Blueberry Recordings. If our first taste in the form of Petrichrist is anything to go by, it’ll be somewhere between crunk and the Goldeneye 64 soundtrack. Of course it’d be foolish to expect the whole EP to take the same form but for now we can enjoy this from her until the full release rolls around. AL

The Host – Peri-Natal Imprinting

This new one from Barry ‘Boxcutter’ Lynn comes to life softly, gently, drifting through the same undulating sounds he’s used to great effect over hip-hop beats (see 2011’s The Dissolve) but in a more ambient mode this time around. The album is due in August and label Touch Sensitive promises “a beautiful trip into ambient guitar and electronics”. Can’t wait. AH

lɘnta.- jyoti

This is a gorgeously slow-burning track from lɘnta., who manages to drop mysteriously perfect un-bangers on the regular. AH


Hunee – Fact Mix 501

Hunee is my current DJ crush (purely on musical terms, I swear) so I went into a wee bit of a frenzy when this appeared earlier in the week. Of course, it lived up to my expectations and its a spectacular example of how to put together an hour of music that’s both beautiful and really fun. There’s no tracklist for the mix which suggests that maybe some of the stuff in here is his own material from his imminent album, one can only hope. AL

Aleks – Noorden Mixtape 26

Lovely little mix from Aleks who hails from Haarlem in the Netherlands. He’s followed up his release on Natural Sciences with this for the Cologne label Noorden. It’s full of dusty beats and non-beats (f I was in a more facetious mood I’d call it outsider house but I’m not) for any of you fellow sufferers of heat-induced insomnia. AL

FP-Oner – 5 [Mule Musiq]

This is a special release, the first album from US house vet Fred P under his FP-Oner alias. It’s vast, 75 minutes of deep, sumptuous house, perfect for heavy, muggy nights laced with sweat and longing. Early days, yes, but it’s approaching AOTY territory for me already. AH

HAPSKL007: Andreas Gehm / Elec Pt1

Another set of proper bangers from Bristol, gurgling acid workouts with unrelenting drum machines working with factory-like precision. The underlying two-note chord sequence of Summer Time In Coloniae ties in with the artwork, a startling representation of perennial heartbreaker Audrey Horne. Classy. AH