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Rave New World (3/7)

madam x

Aidan Hanratty delivers the lowdown on all the very best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


BuggedOut! – Waze & Odyssey and Jonas Rathsman at The Limelight
Friday, July 3

Long-standing clubbing institution Bugged Out! makes its way to Belfast tonight, bringing with it house stalwarts Waze & Oddysey and recent Essential Mix provider Jonas Rathsman. Nothing flashy, just heads-down, hands-up house music for one and all.

Abstract X Subject: Magic Mountain High (Live) at Opium Rooms
Friday, July 3

Supergroup Magic Mountain High is made up of Juju & Jordash and Move D, three guys who make some of the most musical house music you’re likely to hear. Live and improvised at every turn, the trio’s work has been captured on several releases for Workshop, as well as on Jordash’s own Off Minor label. Don’t sleep.

Chimpo + Madam X at The Wiley Fox
Friday, July 3

The Pint has been revamped and renamed, and Manchester DJs Chimpo and Madam X are set to bring their respective brands of dnb/jungle/grime etc to the party. Tons of local talent on show too, from Major Grave, Bob Standard, Galway’s Jimmy Penguin and more.


Unknown Mobile – Chime, Flower & Fountain Cures

Isn’t Summer Cool a wonderful name for a label? This collection of classy house grooves from Unknown Mobile was put together in solitude in deepest British Columbia, and yet the music could easily fit in dusty New York basements or pristine Miami beach clubs.

Phonica Mix Series 14: Palms Trax

Someone’s commented “autolike” right at the start of this new Palms Trax, and it’s hard to disagree. Beyond coming from someone with such a proven track record over the past 18 months, it’s a sumptuous collection of house grooves and disco pumpers.

D. TIFFANY – ԅ(◕‿◕)/⌒☆⌒ ☆⌒♬♪

What a wonderful foray into house, from gloopy murk to the pristine sounds of, say, DJ Sprinkles. Very, dare I say it, summery. D. Tiffany, we love you.

n-chtbttte, Das Ding, Windbreaker, F#X, Nika Son, Hypnobeat – MDM B

Quite the varied selection of dank electronics here from Frankfurt tape label MMODEMM. No particular highlight – each is a solid banger in its own fashion. That said, the nightmarish squawks of F#X’s ‘Algorithmic Drumclass’ do jump out.


Lanark Artefax – Dialoq 2 (Timestretch)

This release from 21-year-old Glaswegian Calum MacRae aka Lanark Artefax is inspired by deep contemplation in the club. ‘Dialoq 2 (Timestretch)’ is a deep, unfurling chasm of sounds, as the name suggests. Like an extended breakdown, perforated by startling cries, it burrows deep into one’s heart and mind, a palate cleanser between the more urgent sounds of the floor.

Umfang – Ok (1080p)

Umfang’s recent tape for videgamemusic featured on these pages a little while back. This jam, from a tape for Canadian label 1080p, continues in a similar percussive vein, yet incorporates chord blasts and the titular affirmation repeated ad nauseam. The album is described as a collection of DJ tools, built for an “introspective dance floor”. It sounds great in the headphones too, one must say.

General Ludd – Garimpos (Ten Thousand Yen)

General Ludd, who’ve released on Mister Saturday Night and Clan Destine, go hard and heavy on this release. Taken from the new Rare Earth Metal EP on Ten Thousand Yen, ‘Garimpos’ is a searing percussive jam that moves through hypnotic swirls of sound and deeply affective rattles of drums. Total banger.