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Rave New World (16/10)


Aidan Hanratty and Antoin Lindsay preview all the very best electronic gigs, tracks and mixes of the week.


Techno & Cans presents: Clouds [Live] at Hangar
Friday 16 October 2015
Clouds started out making noisy techno for the likes of Tiga’s Turbo and Fake Blood’s Blood Music. They still do that, but they’ve recently dropped a cassette for the ever-fascinating Opal Tapes, signalling a shift of sorts. This gig is set to bang though, no matter who puts out their records. AH

Squid Inc. Pres Paramida at Tengu Bar – Yamamori Sushi
Saturday 17 October
Tengu is a really sick venue, but it’s not just Out To Lunch using the space. Squid Inc bring over Berlin’s Paramida, who works in a record store, runs club nights and last year set up her label Love On The Rocks, which “maintains a fragile balance between balearic sunsets, discotheque road trips, and sweaty house nights”. Sold tbh. AH

Twitch Present: Midland at The Bunatee, Belfast
Saturday 17 October
Twitch are bringing in a DJ who is absolutely on top of his game at the moment with Midland. Anyone who was at his last appearance there earlier in the year with Paul Woolford will know all about how much he can get a crowd going. He’ll be playing from the moment the doors open right until the lights come up so get down early, it’ll be special. AL


Reckonwrong – Luscious Lips [Whities]
Some delicious scattered house from Reckonwrong for his sophomore release, this time for Whities. Perhaps one of the most appealing thing about it is that it doesn’t really sound like a lot of other house records out there at the moment, which have the depth but lack the rhythmic variation. AL

Kamixlo – Paleta [Codes]
One of the most satisfyingly wild things I’ve heard all year, Kamixlo is part of London’s Endless crew and takes control of the second release on PAN sublabel Codes. It’s a brash and bassy take on a lot of similar music coming out from the likes of Janus at the moment, but with a distinct Latin American flavour to it. Nuts. AL

Beta Librae – Bangs_Dub
This new jam on 1080p comes from New York DJ Beta Librae, and it’s somewhere between the jacking beats and scratches of late-90s Bangalter and the luscious chords of the Vancouver house moment we’re in right now. AH


Ben UFO – Live at Factory Osaka
At this point I’ve surely spent months of my life listening to Ben UFO DJ, and I should probably be sick of him by now, but nope. This is, surprisingly, his first ever post on Soundcloud and it’s shot the whole way up to one of my favourite mixes of his to date. 3 and a half hours which perfectly capture the dynamism and variation of what makes his club sets in particular so incredible. A top-tier mix of deep cuts and new dubs thrown in with some more familiar tracks he’s enjoyed spinning over the last few years. He’s been the best out there for a while, and this only verifies that. AL

Rrose – Dekmantel Podcast
Super dark stuff from Rrose, whose name as a DJ seems to be growing more and more after a slew of incredible singles of the last few years. This one is full of blackened, droney ambient techno sounds. Full of reverb, full of depth, its definitely one that’ll be getting played loads over the winter months. AL

Juno Plus Podcast 123: Jus-Ed
The Juno Plus podcast provides quality material every fortnight, but this one is special. A live recording from the recent Sustain-Release festival in New York, it sees legendary spinner Jus-Ed go deep in the mix in his closing set from the Friday night of that weekend. A friend who was there said “his set at SR was really fucking special”, and here’s the proof. His sporadic natterings only add to the ebullience. AH

Campfire Stories 11 (Autumn at Plaenterwald) by Robert Heel
Campfire Stories is a series from Silent Season in which DJs and producers go deep with narratives, and this latest edition is really wonderful. Unlike most mixes, which tend to build in a given direction, here Robert Heel switches it up from track to track, moving from heavy ambience to gentle beats and back, constantly switching it up in the name of storytelling. AH