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The Thin Air Tuesday Throwdown: Rory Nellis @ Lavery’s, Belfast

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The first of three forthcoming Tuesday Throwdown live shows in as many weeks in November, we’re delighted to host a free show with Belfast singer-songwriter Rory Nellis at Lavery’s Belfast Back Bar on Tuesday, November 10.

One of the highlights of this year’s Sounds of Belfast festival, this full band show is an unmissable opportunity to catch easily one of the country’s most naturally gifted songsmiths of a generation in such an intimate, limited capacity space.

Also frontman of Seven Summits, Nellis’ music betrays an increasingly tangible sense of conviction and candor. Where no lyric or phrase feels throwaway, no chord progression or melodic flourish seems kneejerk or unconsidered. This almost meditative attention to detail is something that has often set his music apart from many of his peers, something that’s more than evident on his extraordinary debut album, Ready For You Now.

Doors at 9.30pm. The Thin Air DJs throughout. Admission free.

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