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Rave New World (04/03)

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Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty return for their latest look at the very best electronic gigs, tracks and mixes of the week.


Lower Your Expectations #5: Barry Redsetta + Frawl at The Underbelly, Limerick
Saturday 5 March

LYE continues its run of great guests, with Major Problems boss Barry Redsetta travelling to Limerick tomorrow night. He’s famed as a warmup DJ, but here he’ll be shining brightly. He’s got quite the collection, with unreleased goodies to boot (MPR010 is killer) – check out this sweet mix he did last year for proof. Local man Frawl is on support, fresh from the release of his Randy Spirit EP. AH

Membership presents: John Heckle at Tengu Bar, Dublin
Saturday 5 March

Tengu has really become quite the space, it’s a perfect spot for the dance – a decent-sized square room with a bar on one side, what more could one need? Liverpool’s John Heckle has made his home in Dublin and this weekend he gets to show off his techno chops. AH


Bwana – Akira’s Light [LuckyMe]

This is not what I was expecting from Bwana or LuckyMe. An Akira-sampling techno number is what we’re presented with here and it’s actually really quite good. Is it a total change in heart for both parties? Who knows, but I’m enjoying it anyway. AL

Bruce – Steals [Hessle Audio]

As someone who follows Hessle Audio religiously, I’ve been hearing this track out and about for quite a few months now. Bruce offers up yet more twisted, chugging techno fare on Hessle complete with discordant white noise cutaways and ascends (or maybe descends?) into something a tad more melodic. One of the strongest releases on the label for a while. AL

fitzzgerald – Genius Of Love [WotNot Music]

No, this is not a Tom Tom Club cover. It’s still good though. Funk-laden, sample-strewn house from Belarus on London’s WotNot. fitzzgerald fits perfectly with that label’s past releases from the likes of K15 and Glenn Astro, lurching steadily with quiet swagger. AH

Fjlorida – Breeze 365

I’ve no idea who this, and they’ve only two followers on SoundCloud, but this is delightful. It’s a gorgeous synth affair, melodies darting about in all directions, almost tangibly beautiful. Who are you Fjlorida?! AH


Bok Bok – Essentials Vol 1.

Bok Bok is one of the finest DJs out there. He’s been doing this for years now and in turn this makes any mix that he puts out something you should check out immediately. If you’re in a bit of a rush then this mix is perfect. Clocking in at just over half an hour he still manages to pack in lots of really interesting and varied sounds from the depths of club music. Sounds from Dej Loaf, Lil Louie and Helix make this essential listening. AL

Lukid – NTS Show 250216

If I’m being honest I haven’t been following Lukid all that much recently. I decided to give his NTS show from last week a go and was promptly rewarded for doing so. Filled with slow-moving weirdo jams and electronics, it’s one for those evenings you’re feeling a bit more *abstract*. AL


London’s DEBONAIR has been presenting a super fortnightly show for NTS for some years, but her club DJing has hit another level recently. This mix for Mixmag shows off her key interests – gnarly cold wave, boppy classic house, all wrapped up with her signature charm. AH

I want U to know it – UMFANG

This is a superb mix from Discwoman’s UMFANG, a varied trip through her vinyl collection. There’s no point in me trying to categorise it, but it’s a thrilling ride through house and techno and beyond into breaksy territory. AH