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Rave New World (11/03)

Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty return for their latest look at the very best electronic gigs, tracks and mixes of the week.


Shivers with Pender Street Steppers at Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
Friday 11 March

Shivers is a new party happening in Galway, and they’ve got a treat for their first gig. You might know Pender Street Steppers from their releases for Peoples Potential Unlimited or Mood Hut, or maybe the mixtape they dropped for the latter label a few years back. They’re real party DJs, so it’s sure to be a brilliantly fun night. Best wishes and good luck to the Shivers crew. AH

Twitch Present: Bicep at Mandela Hall, Belfast
Saturday 12 March

Bicep, in Belfast, for Twitch. Is there really much else to say? The hometown darlings will be banging it out to what will surely be a packed out Mandela Hall, so getting down early or buying in advance is really highly advised for this one. AL

Twitch v Beat BBQ: Ben UFO & DJ Sprinkles at QUBSU, Belfast
Wednesday 16 March

Belfast isn’t exactly lacking in good parties, but a booking pairing this good I don’t believe it has ever seen. Two very influential people to me, in very different ways, Ben UFO and DJ Sprinkles will be heading over to the SU in Belfast this St Patrick’s eve. They’ll be split over the Bunatee and Bar Sub (or so I’ve been told) so some difficult decisions might have to be made. Essential attendance for anyone in the area with even a passing curiosity in dance music. AL

DJ EZ at District 8, Dublin
Thursday 17 March

DJ EZ is more than just a legend, he’s officially a hero. A few weeks back he DJed for 24 hours straight, streamed live on Boiler Room, in aid of Cancer Research UK. The wild endeavour has to date raised nearly £60,000 (€77k), no mean feat. Anyway, he’ll only be playing for an hour or two in Dublin, but he can pack a lot into even the shortest set. Check out this piece by Keysound’s Blackdown for a blow-by-blow account of the man’s abilities. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what to say. AH


Project Pablo – Warm Priority [Magicwire]

Laaaavley smooth vibes from Vancouver’s Project Pablo. A follow up to last year’s fantastic LP I Want To Believe, Warm Priority makes up one quarter of the forthcoming Priorities EP he’s putting out on Magicwire later in the month. More of the same lush jazzy house vibes for me please. AL

Gage – Turbulence [Crazylegs]

Of all the names to surface from the instrumental grime burst a little while back, Gage surely makes the most unhinged music of the lot. Going straight for the jugular, the recent Manchester transplant has clearly decided the grime (or any) rhythm and structures are now secondary thoughts, instead seeing intensity and pressure as key. It works. AL

Jlin – Untitled (2016)

Jlin had a stormer of a year last year, with her all-conquering Dark Energy album and the subsequent Free Fall EP. Tired of seeing nothing new on her own SoundCloud page, she shared this short but blistering number. Heavy, rumbling percussion and playful vocals intertwine with cell phone melodies. Breathlessly exciting, we hope for even more soon. AH

Essaie pas – Lights Out (Orphx Remix) [DFA]

This is the first thing I’ve heard from DFA in an age that’s really grabbed me, I must admit. Canadian duo Orphx have remixed fellow Canadian duo AH, turning the dark electro-pop of ‘Lights Out’ into a nightmarish techno workout. AH


DJ Deep – L.I.E.S Podcast

A really dark and, you guessed it, deep mix from DJ Deep who put a mix together for L.I.E.S. ahead of their forthcoming night at Tresor in Berlin. Don’t think I heard a single vocal in the whole mix, it’s that kind of vibe from the Frenchman. AL

Hessle Audio Rinse Show w/ Ben UFO + Beatrice Dillon

A double dose of Ben UFO in your RNW this week. I couldn’t help put this week’s Hessle show in though. As well the usual dose of mastery that Mr. UFO dishes up week in, week out, he’s also joined, in a way, by Beatrice Dillon. Or rather he does his live mix then plays Beatrice’s side of a tape they recorded for Wichelroede. Jazz, dub and ambient all play a big part in the tape, which is as wonderful as everything else she’s put out. AL

music/is/for/losers – Toby Kaar Mix

Music is for losers. We disagree. Anyway, this wide-ranging mix from Toby Kaar, ahead of his release on the unfortunately named label, ties together his personal tastes and interests, as well as representing his character: “I tend to be quite impatient when I’m listening to mixes and my brain can tend to switch off halfway through a straight house or techno mix, so this was an attempt to gratify my juvenile listening habits.” It’s hard to switch off, so he’s succeeded. Bonus points for that Omar-S classic. AH

Applex Twin – LiveSet @ 8th Hammer Of God

Applex Twin is a Taipei-based artist I happened upon recently. I was immediately impressed by her lengthy piece ‘I am in the rear room Ohne mich 我在後房沒有我’ a few weeks ago, so I was intrigued to see her share this live set from a recent gig. It’s relentless, hard-edged techno from the off, beats crashing and colliding at times and throwing the listener off balance. Stick with it, though, it’s tough. AH

Photo by Anže Kokalj