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Rave New World (08/04)

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Aidan Hanratty and Antoin Lindsay return with the best electronic gigs, tracks and mixes of the week.


Melodic: Francois K + Donal Dineen / Melodic DJs at The Sugar Club, Dublin
Friday 8 April 2016

Francois K is a legend, simply put. DJing since the 70s, he knows his stuff and has managed to keep with the times while maintaining his identity. Donal Dineen is a local legend too, so this is a wonderful opportunity to see two heavyweights in one night. Boom. AH

Bastardo Electrico presents Prosumer at Cyprus Avenue, Cork
Friday 8 April 2016

Prosumer is a regular enough visitor to these shores, but that’s no reason not to take notice when he’s in town. A genuine party-starter, he’s also known for being a genuine dude. He also plays OTR in Limerick tomorrow night. AH


Project Pablo – Evening Call [Magicwire]

If Ecco the Dolphin swam off the coast of Vancouver, it’d probably be soundtracked by this. One of the Pacific Northwest’s finest, Project Pablo is turning out a superb EP for Lone’s Magicwire label. Gorgeous keys, neat little video game-like synth stabs and that bassline, unbeatable Spring freshness. AL

Peggy Gou – When Round, They Go (Terekke Remix) [Rekids]

The master of ambient house Terekke puts a lovely spin on one of my favourite recent discoveries Peggy Gou. This remix turns Peggy’s already pretty laid-back jam into something a bit foggier. Floating and cruising at a lovely pace, reminding me of how much I love the L.I.E.S. man. AL

v1984 – Synchronized Joy And Sorrow [Glacial Industries]

Glacial Sound has become Glacial Industries, and this cut from v1984 comes from its first release. Becoming (N)one is a strange affair, neither club nor ambient, somewhere in between. ‘Synchronized Joy And Sorrow’ is probably the most floor-friendly of them all, though, with occasional beats dropping to give relative structure for ambitious DJs. Mumdance, Logos, that kind of crew will turn it into gold. AH


DLycox – 002

I was lucky enough to catch Nidia Minaj last weekend and it was wonderful. Alongside her, Principe Discos’ DLycox (aka DJ Lycox) is undeniably one of my favourites from Lisbon’s kuduro scene. This mix is a perfect example of why he’s so great, showcase the energy and intensity of the sound without sacrificing any of the groove. AL

Minor Science – Truancy Volume 142

Always feel a bit guilty including Truants mixes here, but alongside the new site The Trilogy Tapes and Whities’ Minor Science has recorded the most recent Truancy Volume. Levon Vincent, Oni Ayhun and a ridiculous Bintus track on Power Vacuum all feature. Very fun times. AL

Smokey & Solid Blake (Apeiron Crew) mix for nous

The Apeiron Crew put together a mix for RBMA this week, and on top of that two of their party, Smokey & Solid Bake, did this mix for the Greek Nous label. It’s packed with bangers, gems from people like Greg Beato and Neuroshima (whose All Caps 12″ FINALLY dropped this week). Party heaven. AH


North London’s Tang gets Lenny Jams in the mix, and it’s a heady, dark affair. No nonsense, this is peak techno. AH