Premiere: Warriors of the Dystotheque – Just Breathe


The follow-up to their March EP Return To Coney, ‘Just Breathe’ is the new single from multi-national outfit Warriors of the Dystotheque, founded by Derry’s Jonny Mac. Featuring vocals from Coventry singer Bella Deanie, it’s a slick, impressively produced soundscape relaying “the state of not giving up when everyone else has let you down.” Accompanying the release are remixes from the likes of Ubblahkan, Ken Fab Re and Brothers Nylon, each further revealing the track’s textural, cinematic prowess.

According to Jonny Mac, the track – which we premiere in full below – came about “in a tiring drive home to Derry from a festival DJ performance, [when I turned up the] laid-back soundtrack that I had ready in the car. This formed the inspiration for the rich soundscape that encompasses the track. After relaying the track on to Sean, and then to New York for the Rufolo brothers to hit up the live instrumentation, we drafted in Bella Deanie from Coventry to write lyrics and sing. Bella takes the track on a emotional path to self realisation.”

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