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Inbound: Franklyn


It seems like a case of twice bitten, thrice wise for Frankyln’s Owen Strathern. After initially finding some success with Magherafelt mods The Tides, Strathern’s growing indifference to the lad rock pedalled by his school friends lead to the bassist joining forces with his brother Enda and Tides newbie Stephen Leacock to explore poppier territories. General Fiasco, including Enda on guitar and Leacock on drums, seemed destined for big things: the band’s pop punk melodies, paired with Owen’s deceptively vulnerable lyrics, drew the attention of the British indie press, and the success of early singles ‘Sometime Sometime’ and ‘Ever So Shy’ saw the band winning slots at Reading and Leeds and T in the Park.

Success is rarely straightforward though, and after two albums, the band announced an indefinite hiatus. Although that seemingly spelled the end for General Fiasco, this year saw the formation of new project Franklyn. Reuniting the Strathern brothers with Leacock and adding new member Paul McAdams, the band have played a number of small dates around Belfast. First single ‘We Don’t Want To Live’ seemed to exorcise the ghosts of General Fiasco, displaying a punchier indie sound yet still retaining enough melody to floor a festival crowd. Coupled with the equally radio-ready ‘Pleasure’, it seems the trio will be back in front of huge crowds before long. Caolán Coleman

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