Premiere: Dowth – Dowth


Every once in a while something lands in our inbox that makes us punch the air in quiet “fuck yeah” abandon. In the case of Dublin’s self-proclaimed “greatest pagantronic duo in the universe” Dowth, their debut self-titled LP induced that precise reaction on our first listen this morning.

Comprise of John Kelleher (Rats Blood, GRIT) and Tim Ording (Melodica Deathship), the pair fuse acoustic instrumentation from melodica and fiddle to sample-based beats and synth drones, the pair conjure heavy, atmospheric sounds that draw “inspiration from the concept of ‘the otherworld’ in Irish folk and mythology.”

Ahead of its release on hand screenprinted 12″ vinyl and digital download tomorrow, have an exclusive first listen to Dowth below and prepare to punch the air.

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