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Inbound: Jesse Heffernan


Jesse Heffernan’s musical style has developed and matured naturally with each experience and influence met by the Dublin singer songwriter throughout his varied trajectory. The laid back, atmospheric tendencies of his expanding catalogue draws from the modes of articulation perfected by classical figures (Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison and John Martyn) and specific elements of contemporary musicians such as the lo-fi guitar reverb of King Krule’s early single, ‘Out Getting Ribs’, which is re-enacted on Heffernan’s ‘Electric Shoes’ This diversity gives density to his mellow melodies and soulful vocals which effortlessly lull you into a state of uninterrupted calm, a rarity amongst the prevalent noise of hefty guitar bands.

Heffernan came to prominence as a vocalist with hip hop group, the Animators which saw a momentary pause for the folk-inspired songs he had been writing. His tenure with the Animators, as well as working with ChoiceCuts and The Sugar Club enabled the young musician to obtain an unfettered view on both sides of performing.

Venturing on a solo path, Heffernan’s tastes are evident in the musicality of the songs and lyrical expression. ‘Late Night Attention’ combines Vulfpeck inclined keys and drum arrangements merged with affectionate longing in a Sam Cooke fashion, “Your love it takes every bit of me.” Undoubtedly, Jesse Heffernan’s profile will continue to soar as he has prudently sought collaborations with producer Brian Murphy and Michael Buckley, saxophonist with The Dap Kings. Zara Hedderman

Photo by Moira Reilly