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The Thin Air’s Top 100 Irish Tracks of 2016 (#100-75)


As much as the whole process can skim close to the torturous, few things in this er, business rival the sheer satisfaction of sifting through a full year of music in order to attempt to carve out some semblance of a Top 100. And whilst descending, close-ended lists of this kind are almost exclusively arbitrary exercises nullified by good ol’ subjectivity, there’s something intrinsically important about taking a broader snapshot of music released in the twelve months just gone, offering up our very own take on what stood out best, strongest, and most emphatically of all. Make no mistake, it’s been a truly extraordinary year for Irish music. Ahead of three installments to come, here’s part one, counting down our favourites #100-75.

100. Paul Finan – Clouds

99. THUMPER – Dan The Man

98. Burnt Out – Joyrider

97. Skymas – No Easy Way Out

96. Gnarkats – Running From You

95. SlowPlaceLikeHome – Tiger Lily

94. Wastefellow – Wonder

93. Guilty Optics – The Kayapo Ghosts

92. Slow Skies – Winter Night

91. Carriages – Like a Child

90. Remains of Youth – There is Hope Without Progress

89. Hannah McPhillimy – Ruins

88. Dowth – Seed of Discontent

87. The Shaker Hymn – Baltic Heart

86. Fears – Blood

85. Gumshoe – Ninbasu

84. Pine The Pilcrow – It’s Only Love

83. ELLLL – Romance

82. Whim – Maybe In The Future But Probably Not

81. Switzerland – Starting Out

80. Pleasure Beach – Magic Mountain

79. Bantum and Loah – Take It

78. Mojo Fury – Trying To Get Free

77. Come On Live Long – For The Birds

76. Participant – Leave Me Alone

75. Laura Sheeran – Light a Fire