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Watch: Stoat – Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone


Not up to date with all the fun scandals going about? Memes proving a bit abstract for your liking? Telling your car radio to piss off again? You’re not alone. Periodically re-emerging trio Stoat have returned with a new single and the promise of a new album entitled Try Not To Think About It, set to arrive in the Summer.

The single, ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ takes the high-octane spoken word lyricism heard on their previous releases and jigs it all up with a Cardiacs-meets-Sleaford Mods type backdrop. As on albums Future Come Get Me (2005) and Ducks and Flying Dogs (2002) Stoat’s MO is as much about getting the band members together and making a record for the hell of it as it is about anything else, so what we’re to expect from Try Not To Think About It remains to be seen. In the meantime though, let’s get disillusioned about broadcast with them shall we?