• Irish Tracks of the Week – 27th January

    Taking in every corner of the island, here’s the very best tracks of the week from This Ship Argo, Perlee, Meltybrains, Myles McCormack, Ailsha and more This Ship Argo – Flowers, Sparks, Fireworks Flowers, Sparks, Fireworks by This Ship Argo Perlee – Lampshade Meltybrains? – You Myles McCormack – To Better All Things To Better All Things by Myles McCormack Jam Hades – The Edge Jam Hades · The Edge Of Regret Ailsha – Sucker Stoat – Let’s Be Strangers Seba Safe – Afterlife

  • Album Stream: Stoat – Try Not To Think About It

    As an album title, Try Not To Think About It by Dublin underground rock heroes Stoat goes a considerable distance in summing up one of its prevailing themes, i.e. things may not be the greatest they’ve ever been but, collectively, we could do a whole lot worse than trying to see the good and absurdity in things. Having been making music together for the best part of 20 years, the threesome’s wry, masterfully incisive brand of indie-pop is on full display on the album – their second – which was released on Saturday in Dublin. From to-do lists that never seem…

  • Watch: Stoat – Dog King

    Heroes of the city’s underground music scene, Dublin three-piece Stoat are perfect testament to the power of playing the long-game. Having been making music together for the best part of 20 years, the threesome’s wonderfully wry, masterfully incisive brand of genre-warping indie-pop will come to the fore once more via their highly-anticipated second album, Try Not To Think About It. Ahead of the launch of the album at the Underground on Dame Street in Dublin on Saturday night (February 10), the band have unveiled the video for new single ‘Dog King’. A homespun visual accompaniment, it perfectly parallels the band’s increasingly singular brand of lo-fi…

  • Watch: Stoat – Try Not To Think About It

    A self-proclaimed “stylistically inconsistent” indie-pop/rock trio, Dublin/Wexford’s Stoat have unveiled the video for their new single, ‘Try Not To Think About It’. The title song – and third single – from the forthcoming new album, which is due in the summer, the band have said the track is in the “same ballpark” as Beasties Boys and Talking Heads. We can certainly hear that. See for yourself, and check out the single’s wonderfully DIY visuals.

  • Watch: Stoat – Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone

    Not up to date with all the fun scandals going about? Memes proving a bit abstract for your liking? Telling your car radio to piss off again? You’re not alone. Periodically re-emerging trio Stoat have returned with a new single and the promise of a new album entitled Try Not To Think About It, set to arrive in the Summer. The single, ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ takes the high-octane spoken word lyricism heard on their previous releases and jigs it all up with a Cardiacs-meets-Sleaford Mods type backdrop. As on albums Future Come Get Me (2005) and Ducks and Flying Dogs (2002) Stoat’s MO is as…