Guts Magazine Fight Back Issue


(Illustration by Lauren Kavanagh)

Guts Magazine, the acclaimed Irish periodical of confessional writing and illustration, returns with a new issue in support of the Women’s Strike on March 8th. The special edition is an all-female one and is jam packed with great Irish writers and illustrators, including Una Mullally, Lian Bell, Sarah Griffin, Aoife Dooley, Fuchsia Macaree, and Jayde Perkin, with the issue being designed by Lauren Kavanagh. To celebrate Guts have taken over The Library Project for the night and alongside the usual drinks and tunes, there will be a print sale as well as some readings from the magazine. All proceeds go to Abortion Rights Campaign and kicks off at 6pm tonight. Full info can be found here, and be sure to nip around the corner to The Workman’s afterwards to catch the MINE Anthology Launch.

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