Stream: Autumns – Female Model/No More Luxury


Having first featured the project back in February of 2014, the music of Derry’s Christian Donaghey AKA Autumns has steadily mutated from shoegaze-inflected, willfully acerbic noise rock into a much darker, beat-orientated and industrially-inclined proposition. Following a string of single and EP releases, Donaghey is set to cement that gestation by unveiling his debut album, Suffocating Brothers, via Glasgow imprint Clan Destine Records on September 23. To accompany the new singles, two new tracks ‘Female Model’ and ‘No More Luxury’ are equally emphatic fist-clenched efforts that aim straight for the jugular.

Featuring suitably stellar artwork from Belfast artist Claire Miskimmin (also of Girls Names/Cruising/New Pagans), stream those two tracks from Suffocating Brothers below.

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