Video Premiere: CATALAN! – OKA

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His debut solo release outside of his work with alt-punk three-piece Axis Of, ‘OKA’ by Ewen Friers AKA CATALAN! is a track that, whilst certainly redolent of the subtly anthemic and nicely bombastic alt-punk of the aforementioned North Coast outfit, explores new, socially-conscious territory.

Set for release this Friday (July 21), the opening gambit is a strong, bobbing effort that tussles with indigenous history and social media, hoping to “highlight the value of living in a reality where the human mind can be invigorated and bring positive change”. Inspired by Big Country, Why?, CrassLes Savy Fav and The Knife, it’s a first release stemming from material written in France, North America and London.

A visual accompaniment that proves as frustrating as it does thought-provoking, have a first look at the video for the release courtesy of Tristan Crowe below.

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