Video Premiere: Trick Mist – Fraction

Trick Mist Profile 2

On last Thursday’s edition of our show on Dublin Digital Radio we debuted the new single from an artist we’ve become rather fond of in the past two years. Gavin Murray AKA Trick Mist‘s blend of skilled songwriting, atmospheric electronics and percussion, and looped violins make him a solo artist whose output has only improved since we first came across it.

Now, the newly Cork-based artist who had lived in Manchester for the past number of years, delivers his most mature work to date in the form of ‘Fraction’, a track in two halves that blends echoed vocals and layers of violin and keys in the first half with a rhythmic, hypnotic pulse in the second to accompany a simple but deeply affective spoken word section. Embellishing the track are collections of sounds recorded and captured while Murray was travelling across India.

“‘Fraction’ is aboutthose times when you are living as a shadow of yourself,” he says. “Those rough times when you’re working towards something but it takes its toll on your personality. I was heading to India and sacrifices needed to be made in order for that to happen. We hope when we make sacrifices that we experience reward. It’s frustrating but ultimately rewarding to come out the other side of it and feel like your full self again.”
The track is accompanied by a video directed by Graham Patterson.
“What Graham has done with the visual is concealed the element of reward,” says Murray. “It’s a striking, exposed and heavy portrayal of sacrifice and we never know whether it’s worth it or not.”

Take a look at the video below. Trick Mist will play in Alchemy in Cork this Sunday 12 November and on 29 December in his native Dundalk’s Spirit Store.