Stream: Sal Dulu – Tyko

Dulu_Pop_Square (1)

Sal Dulu emerged from the undergrowth and into our inboxes last week and we were immediately absorbed. The Dublin-based producer/multi-instrumentalist’s new track ‘Tyko’ is a stunning work of delicate balearic percussion, field recordings and found sounds, warm synths and vocals by one Xao.

It is only the third track that the 25-year-old producer has made available, with ‘Antasma’ and ‘Duluoz Dream’ nestling quietly on Soundcloud and displaying the same level of subtle –often jazz based – intricacy, great pacing and quiet emotion. We’re not sure what to expect from Sal Dulu in future but with three tracks of this quality we could be looking at Ireland’s answer to Jai Paul, though hopefully we’ll actually get an album in this case.